Oddities and rarities
A collection of gynandromorphs and other strange deformities

Here you will find some very interesting  variations that some insects produce. We welcome any photographs of strange and wonderful insects you might have in your collection, just use this link "Submit Freak" to send us your photograph. 


Agrias amydon  An interesting aberration
Anaea anna  An illustration of a rare female
Anaea philumena  An aberration
Anthocharis damone  A very pretty gynandromorph
Danaus gilippus  Quite different
Dynastes hercules  A very strange looking beastie
Gypsy Moth  A Very nice bilateral gynandromorph
Lycaeides melissa A series showing a bilateral gynandromorph
Mecynorrhina ugandensis  Odd patterns!
Morpho adonis huallega A one quarter gynandromorph
Morpho didius  Three examples of wing distortions
Morpho didius A gynandromorph
Morpho menelaus guyenensis Showing an interesting wing distortion
Morpho menelaus guyenensis A mosaic gynandromorph
Morpho menelaus huebneri A one quarter gynandromorph
Morpho rhetenor cacica A mosaic gynandromorph
Morpho rhetenor helena A mosaic gynandromorph
Morpho sulkowski ssp A mosaic gynandromorph
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion An aberration
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion A mosaic gynandromorph
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion The golden bird wing, the most stunning of aberrations
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion With unusual Gold spots on the hind wings
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion A superb specimen of form "kogane"
Ornithoptera urvillianus A superb colour variation
Ornithoptera priamus poseiden A mosaic gynandromorph
Ornithoptera croesus lydius Hind wing spot variation
Ornithoptera priamus poseiden Very odd wing shape
Papilio androgeus A mosaic gynandromorph
Papilio blumei  A very striking aberration.
Papilio cacicus A hybrid ?
Papilio dardanus  An interesting male aberration
Papilio dardanus A female sexual mosaic gynandromorph
Papilio multicaudata An extreme colour variation
Papilio multicaudata A bilateral gynandromorph
Papilio nireus A bilateral gynandromorph
Papilio ulysses joesa Odd colouration.
Papilio warsciczi mercedes With a real strange wing shape
Pathysa androcles  A very dark form.
Scaphinotus tuberculatus An unusual antennae aberration
Speyeria nokomis appacheana A bilateral gynandromorph
Speyeria nokomis couerulescens A bilateral gynandromorph
Urania leilus A very unusual colour variation
Urania ripheus A very unusual colour variation
Vanessa sp. An interesting aberration from China
Xylotrupes gideon A beetle with seven legs!!