Oddities and rarities
Ornithoptera priamus euphorion - A mosaic gynandromorph

Ornithoptera priamus euphorion - mosaic - top

This specimen is a fine example of a male mosaic Ornithoptera priamus euphorion which was submitted to this section by a German collector. The left side looks to be completely male. The right side has just a small area of female scaling on the upper left side forewing. The right side hind wing is about one third female. You will also notice that the abdomen is finely divided down the the centre line with the left side showing all male coloration, and the right side showing almost entirely female coloration except for the very end. The underside of the right hand fore wing shows a little more female scaling as well as a nice yellow stripe towards the top left edge. The underside of the right hand fore wing shows a distinct separation between male and female at about half way. The underside of the abdomen appears to show no female tendency and the specimen has both male claspers.


Ornithoptera priamus euphorion - mosaic - underside