Starting a collection
How to - Inserting the entomological pin
Inserting Stainless Steel Pin

We use nearly all No:3 stainless pins with a solid head. This is just our preference, headless and plastic headed pins are just as good, except that the plastic heads are prone to coming off. The most important thing is that you must use stainless steel, ordinary steel pins will rust with time and copper based pins will also corrode. Now it is time to insert the mounting pin. All you have to do is push the pin in straight. Hold the specimen between thumb and forefinger, and place the tip of your pin on the centre line of the thorax, right in the centre. Push down and insert the tip of the pin. Do not push it right through at this time.

Pin at Right Angles to Thorax

Look at the specimen from the head end, and line the pin up vertically. Now push the pin right through the thorax, and out between the legs, making sure that the pin stays vertical.

Pin right through the thorax

If you have done this correctly, The pin will be nicely aligned vertically. Well you have come this far, now it is time to spread the specimen on your board. This is where patience is required. You will probably muck up the first few specimens you attempt, so don't be disappointed if you do. Persevere and learn as you go along, it really isn't that hard to accomplish, and the end result is definitely worth the effort.

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