Starting a collection - Coleoptera
How to - Relaxing your beetle
So let us begin. We have chosen a male Goliathus orientalis for today, as it is nice and big and easy to photograph as we work. There are different methods which you may wish to adopt at a later date.

Here is your specimen stapled to the card.

Firstly cut around the card just inside the staple line, use a nice sharp pair of scissors for this.
Be careful as you trim off, you don't want to break anything as you go.
Firstly line your relaxing box with several layers of tissue, then place your beetle inside.

Spray the specimen with nice clean water.

Then turn the specimen upside down and spray it again so that it is nice and damp.

Here are a number of specimens placed in the relaxing box, they have all been sprayed with water. Now place the lid on tightly and leave for 24 hours. It is also a good idea to place a little anti-mould agent inside, such as thymol. Especially as some of the larger beetles may have to be left in the relaxer for several days to relax properly.

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