Starting a collection - Coleoptera
How to - Finished and ready to dry
Golaith Beetle with Legs Spread
Here is your finished Goliath beetle with the legs spread.
Goliath Beetle with Wings Spread
Here is your finished Goliath beetle with the legs and wings spread.
Beetle Layout
This is an arrangement of small African cetoniidae set and ready to dry.
Beetle Layout
Here is another arrangement of mixed species of beetles ready to place in the drier.
Beetle Layout Beetle Layout
Here are two more beetles showing the various layouts you can use for setting out your beetle.

Again these layouts show all the relevant features of the insect clearly, and are space effective.

1/. This species of Cerambycidae has very long antennae.

2/. This species has shorter antennae.

Drying Cabinet.
Now it is time to place your specimens in the drying cabinet.

Some species ( Especially Plusiotis) do not require much heat as it can buckle and warp their Elytra.

I would suggest using the very lowest wattage bulb, or only having one bulb switched on. Then place your boards on the opposite side of the drier, so that they are not directly above the bulb.

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