Photo gallery - Delias

The genus Delias
  The Genus Delias forms a major part of the Indo-Australian fauna. There are many species that range from the Solomon Islands in the east, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and throughout the Indonesian Archipelago and then to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and west into Central China.
They tend to be a cooler climate group and in the tropical areas of their distribution they habitat is generally in the mountainous areas, only coming down to lower altitudes in the cooler winter months.
Listed below are the 22 Sub-Groups of the genus Delias. containing more than 200 species and subspecies

Last updated 01-December 2002 with all the latest additions and changes

group 1  singhapura group 12  kummeri
group 2  georgina group 13  nigrina
group 3  nysa group 14  belladonna
group 4  chrysomelaena group 15  pasithoe
group 5  stresmanni group 16  albertisi
group 6  geraldina group 17  clathrata
group 7  cuningputi group 18  niepelti
group 8  eichhorni group 19  belisama
group 9  bornemanni group 20  dorimene
group 10  iltis group 21  isse
group 11  weiskei group 22  hyparete