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Photo gallery - Lycaenidae

The genus Hypochrysops

Confined to the Australian region the genus Hypochrysops contains some of the most dazzling coloured butterflies of all. Although relatively small insects their undersides are spattered with gold or silver lines. Most of the species occur within Australia, with only a few species and subspecies found on Papua New Guinea. All the larvae are mistletoe feeders, like the genus Delias. 


Hypochrysops apollo - female
Hypochrysops apollo - female

Hypochrysops apelles


Hypochrysops apollo


Hypochrysops bysos - male Hypochrysops epicuris - male
Hypochrysops bysos - female Hypochrysops epicuris - female

Hypochrysops bysos


Hypochrysops epicuris


Hypochrysops delicia - male Hypochrysops digglesii - male
Hypochrysops delicia - male Hypochrysops digglesii - female

Hypochrysops delicia


Hypochrysops digglesii


Hypochrysops cleon - male Hypochrysops elgneri - male

Hypochrysops cleon


Hypochrysops elgneri


Hypochrysops halyaetus - male Hypochrysops ignitus - male
Hypochrysops halyaetus - female Hypochrysops ignitus - female
Hypochrysops halyaetus


Hypochrysops ignitus


Hypochrysops piceatus - male
Hypochrysops piceatus - female

Hypochrysops narcissus


Hypochrysops piceatus


Hypochrysops protogenes - male
Hypochrysops protogenes - female

Hypochrysops polycletus


Hypochrysops protogenes


Hypochrysops pytheus - male Hypochrysops theon - male
Hypochrysops pytheus - female Hypochrysops theon - female
Hypochrysops pytheus


Hypochrysops theon


Hypochrysops hippuris - male
Hypochrysops hippuris

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